24 th European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infections Diseases, Barcelona. Spain. 10-13 May 2014

Influence of heterogeneity of amino acid sequence varying considerably  on  immunoreactivity antigen region of HCV NS5 protein from position 2212 to 2313_(47,07kb)(G.Bochkova, T.Ulanova, V.Puzyrev, A.Burkov)

The advantages of EIA with improved sensitivity for the detection of low  concentrations of HBsAg in samples with markers of HCV, HBV or HIV infections   (61,53kb)  (N.Egorova, S.Igolkina, I.Pyrenkova, I.Sharipova, V.Puzyrev, A.Burkov, T.Ulanova)

Avidity of specific immunoglobulin G for the detection of hepatitis E primarily infection(62,35kb) (O.Fedotcheva, J.Pticina, E.Matveeva, A.Burkov, T.Ulanova, A.Obriadina)

HCV-specific IgG1 and IgG3 response to HCV infection (211,54kb)   (I.Konavalenak, E.Matveeva, T.Ulanova, A.Burkov, A.Obriadina)

Correlation between viral load and signal in combo-HCV-Ag/Ab enzyme immunoassay in human serum or plasma (29,08kb) (E.Matveeva, S.Klimashevskaya, I.Konavalenak, O.Vankova, T.Ulanova, A.Burkov, A.Obriadina)