28th ECCMID-2018


The 28th European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (28th ECCMID-2018) took place in April 21-24 2018, in Madrid (Spain).

The biggest scientific congress gathered approximately 13,000 researchers in infectious diseases and clinical microbiology from 128 countries to present the results of their unique studies in different formats.

The program of the Congress was comprehensive and included discussion of new data related to diagnosis and treatment of infections caused by viruses (HIV/AIDS, viral hepatitis, influenza and respiratory viruses, emerging/recurrent and zoonotic viral diseases, antiviral drugs, treatment, susceptibility/resistance, molecular epidemiology, diagnosis), bacteria (tuberculosis, mycobacterial infections, respiratory infections, gastrointestinal infections etc., mechanisms and methods of determining drug sensitivity and resistance, diagnosis, molecular genetic methods, new antibacterial drugs), topical issues of immunology and vaccination and others.

During this international forum, speakers delivered over 150 presentations focused on the topical issues of the modern applied microbiology and infectious pathology, over 100 symposia and oral sessions, 22 workshops and 22 meet-the-expert sessions were conducted. The total number of key messages approved and published in the Congress proceedings exceeds 3,500.


RPC Diagnostic Systems participates in the ECCMID congresses on an annual basis. This year at the 28th ECCMID-2018 its specialists delivered poster presentations of collaborative studies on the following topics: “New line immunoassay (LIA) for HIV detection” and “Estimation of the false recent rate for different types of recent infection testing algorithm at differentiation of recent and long-term HIV-1 infection”. The key ideas of the aforementioned studies are published in the Congress proceedings.


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