About company

RPC Diagnostic Systems is one of the Russian leaders in the field of immunodiagnostic tests production. It is the research-focused company based on the long-term microbiological scientific traditions that has always applied research investigations to benefit patients.

Today the enterprise has a workforce over 400 employees with more than 50 highly educated researches: PhD biologists, chemists and medical doctors. RPC Diagnostic Systems is a major player in the development of tests for the diagnosis of infectious diseases and hormone pathologies. The manufacturing facilities are specially designed for ELISA kits production and generating of recombinant proteins for use as diagnostic kits components. The company has ISO and CE certificates, issued by mdc (Germany)

The key production branches are:
Quality Control Products;

RPC Diagnostic Systems offers any technical support for all the clients regardless of their location.
The company sets as the aim the appliance of the latest discoveries and technologies to develop its products. The remarkable quality of the products is achieved by research works continuously carried out by the companys employees. Top-level customer service is another value of the company. The existing diagnostic kits are improved taking into account all customers wishes and remarks.

Product List

ELISA kits for infections (HIV; Hepatitises A, B, C, D, E; STD; ToRCH and others), hormone pathologies and tumor markers and autoimmune diseases diagnostics.

Bacteriology - rapid microbial identification that is applied in food processing, water treatment and public healthcare.

Recombinant antigens (HAV, HBV, HCV, HDV, HEV, Syphilis, HIV, HSV, VZV, EBV, HHV 8, TBE, SARS, Chlamydia, Toxoplasmosis) and antibodies

Quality Control Products

Services Offered

RPC Diagnostic Systems offers a full range of services from design of individual cloning strategies and high-level protein expression to purifying and testing.

Research services
Assistance in the selection of antigenic epitopes, gene and primers design.

Expression Services
RPC Diagnostic Systems offers the effective way of expression your gene of interest in E.coli and Pichia pastoris:
- screening of transformants to confirm integration of the gene
- verification of expression and fermentation
- scale-up expression and fermentation (we offer scale from 250ml up to 100L)

Purification Services
Protein purification procedure development, purification up to 1 gram, purify testing by SDS-PAGE, ELISA, stability testing

Antibody or Antigen Conjugation Services
- Reservation of specified amount of antigens for our customers manufacturing needs
- Production of the recombinant antigens according to documented procedures with series of QC tests

Customized Assay Development
- Development, optimization, validation, accelerated stability testing
- Technology transfer including a complete record of lab procedures and results, assay plan in strict compliance with Directive 98/79/EC and ISO 13485 requirements

Please contact us info@npods.ru to get more information about CE-marked kits.